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Some people say that the DfE is only interested in the English and Maths, but, as has become clear over the last few weeks, they are always prepared to learn the lessons of history.


This photo shows how we used to do it, with the SLT gathered round the fire in the autumn, planning for September.

But Gavin knows better than this and his letter to Headteachers on the penultimate day of the school year is a timely reminder, telling them, as it does, to start planning NOW for September, especially with today's clarifications from the Prime Minister, that however late or slapdash your plan might be, that it will only be a conditional plan anyway and could therefore be changed at any moment.

This approach to planning is getting close to how it should be done. The most accurate form of planning is always retrospective. This is similar to  writing this blog, changing things as I go along to suit the argument, but ultimately shaping it as a whole to reflect what I was trying to do in the first place, if I had known what that was before I started.

You do of course have to be careful not to breach any regulations and be aware that someone might be checking to see that you have carried out your plan as described, luckily you can't go wrong with this method, as you have acted first and planned afterwards.

Do be careful, however, to ensure that social distancing is observed, as it is being rewritten about here, in front of witnesses.

By: Ed Case
Registered Charity Number: 289645