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Early Years Non-Statutory Guidance

The Early Years Non-Statutory Guidance written by the Early Years Coalition, can now be ordered or …

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Let Children Play

Reduce 'schoolificatifon' of children.    Experts are …

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Independent Commision on how best to reform educational provision for a generation

Independent Commission on the future of Education - The Times is hence announcing the creation of&…

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Putting Wellbeing first, infront of formal education

Wellbeing In Wellies? - An article from the Guardian newspaper has hi-lighted a primary school that has taken a …

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Lost time? Catch-up? News on the remainder of children starting back to school.

Lost-Time & Catch-Up? BBC news.


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Prioritise the vaccination of teachers

Prioritise the vaccination of teachers, petition.

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Birth to 5 Matters – Guidance by the sector

Birth to 5 Matters (Guidance by the Sector) Have your say!

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Year 2 Phonics Screening - At what cost?

Year 2 Phonics Screening - At what cost?  Education Journal No. 435 Pg 23 -   26 and 64  &…

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New Covid report with call to halt tests

New Covid report with call to halt tests by the Eagle Research Group in conjunction with the independent SAGE group.…

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Latest Inde-SAGE Video on the statistics of CoVid

The independent SAGE group has analysed current figures of the pandemic …

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School and Family Covid Tracker

Kings College - School and Family Covid Tracker

Our By:
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Free period products


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Free School Meals over the holidays and more...

Three petitions on Free School Meals. Please sign at least one of them!

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Wordless picture stories launched to support children’s mental health post-pandemic

Wordless-picture-stories-launched-to-support-children-mental-health-post-pandemic - Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE and …

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Synthetic Phonics Policy Critique

Synthetics Policy-

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Child Care for working families and the resultant fall-out of Covid.

Child Care and Covid for working families  An article …

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Teaching Early Reading

Early Reading. By:
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Sir Ken Robinson

Media Release

 Sir Ken Robinson. It was with great sadness that we heard this …

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EYFS programme - NAPE Advises Headteachers not to be an early adopter

There is a lack of recognition of the youngest children, and a reinforcement of current trends towards top-down …

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Independent research into the impact of the systematic synthetic phonics government policy on literacy courses at institutions delivering initial teacher education in England

Independent research - systematic synthetic phonics.

This research was undertaken in …

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Renewed call for early years curriculum to be extended up to seven

Early Years. Please sign this petition if you feel strongly that the curriculum for the early years should be …

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NAPE provides position papers to help inform policy-makers

Please click here for the latest paper. By:
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